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Common Sense

See, we both of the shit
I just came out of the ovaries
You came up outta the ass
And wonder why with you I sounded so mad
Well, you talk about the best and bring me up last
You rap about bitches and bitches and cash
You lookin' for real one, well, I'm fit for the task
Remember you callin' me whack
Now it's a shame you too lame to go put you on blast
I neva got a chance! Not neva!
From teachers in France to girls, whateva
You jealous to me, you see, we should do betta
You whack M&M and now she is not clever, come on!
If ya gonna diss me, do it
Jackin' my dick till I shaped(?) it and bruised it
I came on the phone, now I can't even use it
Make hip-hop, make passionate music
Get it? Passionate music?
I'm a nice guy so they try to abuse it
Betta believe I be checkin' this condom
Cuz honestly my future isn't in you
Bitch, you're wastin' my time when I enter your mind
You want me to enter from front and behind?
Then honestly, girl, if you have common sense
You could be a dime plus 9
The show was like Martin, rappin' it makes me wet
I'm a model, I just haven't modeled much yet
Yo next video, I should be on set
Last night was a mess, don't read that text
Wait, you know the rappers too?
Oh my Gosh, I heard him on Dj Booth
Wait, can you take an Instagram pic of us two?
I will never be the puss and it came unglued
Girls like you make my ass go crazy
Lately, you all the same, see if I was a typical rapper
But I drive a Mercedes and chew with some typical ladies
But you cannot change me
Till they open my skull and they see that there is no brain to be seen
I am a spirit that came from the tide, took over this body right here that they gave me
Jokes on you, say the name and they'll all say who?
? you should hold onto
That's the most relevant that you will ever be
I ain't tryna be mean, we just know that it's true
When I was younger, I swore till my mouth got tired
Hot sauce in my mouth and my brain rewired
Not speak you in the head hot fazzo in the yayhouse
Could it be that I be so much hot?
Damn! Get high, muthafucka
Now get high, muthafucka
Waste yo time, muthafucka, you not catchin' up to my grind, muthafucka
Takin' yo game, I'm takin' you out
You step in my lane? I'm buildin' an army, my army is sane
It's funny how we create power from pain
The fuck are you sayn?
Man, fuck what they say
Told me I couldn't, I'm findin' a way
Man, fuck what they say, never could settle for bein' ok
Man, fuck what they say, step in the ring if you ready to play
I take ya oppinions and throw em away
See I'm gonna make ya remember my name
It's Witt!

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