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Little is known of the good and bad
Just opinions, just words, pointed fingers
just that
Condemnation-aint that a fact
I wonder just where they got the throne
whoever said it was yours to own
Who lied to you, was it your mirror
who bestowed upon you the crown
that made you believe that you were so much bigger
Lookin down on me? I find it hard to believe
Lookin for a scapegoat so nobody sees
Pointing the finger at everyone else
Anyone but the one who deserves it the most
I never understood the ways of the hate
I never got the reasons behind that, but wait
I do understand why I dont understand
Maybe because I never had time to look around
i was too busy to care what you found
evidence on me?
look at my face
Do you see even an ounce of melancholy?
Is there a sence of caring underneath this beauty?
I have my issues
And yes i have my reasons
I will never tell anyone cuz its none of your business
I dont think it matters , what is done is done
It is what it is. And I ams what I ams
So Why dont you all just leave me the F alone.

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