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[Verse 1]
And it goes on and on and on like a Simpsons marathon
Why’d you choose to sleep in, When all the work is at dawn?
I guess we all make the wrong choices when we gone
It’s a problem that always, got an answer when you can’t solve em
Yet they ask and ask and ask and ask who they think is the best
Like bitch you know I ain’t trying to take over the rest
Even though I must confess, there ain’t nothing to be blessed in my life
Twisted up my thoughts like the top up on the flask
They always asking why I smoke while I watch em fill another glass. Never said I’d take life’s test, fuck this shit I already passed
Always the questions and questions and questions and more
About why I’m so reckless and never defenseless
I’m always packing a comeback
You think you talking down when your account saying boy just relax, before you spend it all to relapse. What did he ask?

And the bitches always asking for the details
Funny how my homies charging retail
You all know my life ain’t up for resale
I can’t even give the info, won’t you please tell?
Won’t you please tell?
Won’t you please tell?

Won’t you please tell?
Won’t you please tell?
Won’t you please tell me?
Won’t you please tell we?
I might tell you in hell, but I guess we’ll see
Won’t you please tell?
Won’t you please tell?
Won’t you please tell me?

[Verse 2]
My lips are locked in this position
You can’t even unlock my mind or anything that could improve your disposition in time
Like the world ain’t after everyone else, well bitch that’s just lying
Used to have my eye’s frying, now I’m I spying, and inspiring anyone with a lighter that wanna stick it to the movement let’s get higher then
You don’t want to get fucked up when you choosing on them higher planes
I can see where we heading between the green and grey side of a rock’s face on this range
I enjoy the rides as much the next page
But the chapter’s we’re after ain’t got a dope ass hook to leave me reading the next day after
Momma wanna know my problems, you can only lead the horse to a fountain, he might not even drink out of
I said the water is poor, the poison leaves it tasteless
I might need 10 Days to suspend myself in the booth while they hating. I’m just swaying. Yeah I’m just swaying

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