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first things first if i ever curse since my birth came threw the whom had the rock shit all day if im in the tomb mother fuckers better give me room
fightin with the demons till im done dude.
while i consume the hennie
work for every penny.
im a grinder ask about a nigga and your girl i will find her.
yea the jesus peace blinder yea check the baby girl right im behind her
ask what she wanna do if she wanna sip and dip if she wanna roll baby girl we can do it be itch.ima
show you bout the doube o show you bout clevland city show you how the grind go,
hey baby girl wanna meet yeezy.
come ride in the benzie
we can take a ride we gon ride down holly wood
holla at me home boy like its hollygood
yea i wish you would get outta line never kush brown hoe put im on the grind
let me tell you bout the new shit.
kid cudi in the game you should no it beya
im on my mutha fuckin be i ask about a nigga yea came in so shy
now im so fly with my bathenapers most people no the game cuz we paper chasers.
while im sittin back chopin it up in japan we go in the band and we rollin like dam and we sip that
the camra was hitin
i see you with yo glasses on magnify foshizzel if you see me with snoop
we all in the coop and we smokeing the kush till we up in the both
yea vip is were you find me
but i be the coolest mother fuckin g in the street not a g as in gangster i mean g as in grinder
niggas no the game man the glow is a shiner
??? right past a cloud i scream kid cudi
and i scream the shit loud
ima put it down from here to chatanoga my clevland city reppin and we rolling with them hougers
them niggas down in cali that roll up in a bently we show em what theses niggas gota grind for every penny.

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