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Cosmos Rockin'

What planet is this, mmmh?
Let there be rock and roll

[Verse 1]
It is a Saturday night and I am home alone
With the music on quiet I am flying solo
Then my feet start moving to the sound of the beat
Put the music up loud hear it in the street
Then the neighbours start banging on my front door
Throw the door wide open saying what is your point
Come on in let us rock this joint

We got the whole house rocking[x5]
To the mighty power of rock and roll

[Verse 2]
We dance out of the door, dance into the street
And all the people are swaying to the musical beat
We rock down the road and down to the town
And all the people stare and smile and get down
Then the police man is saying "stop this noise"
But the beat takes over now he is one of the boys
The beat's taken over now he is one of the boys
Come on down let us rock this town


Let us go
Let it roll
Are you ready?
Said are you ready?
The Cosmos Rocks

[Verse 3]
Across seven seas through the Panama
Now they are rocking on beaches and they are rocking in bars
Do not ask me how and do not ask me why
From Miami Beach down to old Bondi
There is a rock and roll fever in every place
Next thing you know they'll be rocking out in space

Come on down let us rock this place
Come on down and
Sock it to me

We got the whole world rocking[x5]
To the mighty mighty mighty power
We got the cosmos rocking[x2]
We got the universe rocking
We got the cosmos rocking[x2]
To the might power of rock and roll

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