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Craccin And Poppin

[Verse 1]
Losings never a option
Watch the feds hit my shit in the auction
My auntie put the kids up for adoption
Judge showing no remorse
Looking at me saying son you a problem
And y'all keep hollering get em Buck
But this time I got em
I finally seen the penitentiary knew I was gon' go
Still a chance I can violate my parole
I'm fucking with the blow
The only thang that I know
I put some bullets to some niggas, only thing that I owe
I'm in for a hell of a ride if you read what you sow
Even I'm surprised I'm not even 60 below
So [?] that kicked me to the flo'
I liked to spend a special fuck you and a happy you ho
But if ya kept it 100 with me I'm turnt up lets go
We go balling in this mothafucka like never before
I need only you mothafuckas get ready to throw
Up, you mothafucking hood real nigga for show

I got this mothafucker popping
This mothafucker popping
Whole club rocking cuz this motherfucking popping
This mothafucker cracking
This mothafucker cracking
Whole club rocking cuz this motherfucking cracking

[Verse 2]
I just fell off my motorcycle, I never fell off
[?] I wish you well off
I'm still pouring pints of that purple, I'm cooking up something
I'm tryna get up out of the projects, I don't know what niggas thought
Yeah I went back to the projects and it ain't nobody's fault
And it ain't nobody business, how many bricks I just bought
Made a lord be my witness, yesterday Buck almost got caught
If I pull over ain't no way [?]
I'm in the A with them birds, looking for [?]
Last plug that I had couldn't handle me no mo'
Last Maybach that I had couldn't handle me I brake the law
57 but this 62 is disrespect to em all
I deserve this shit nigga fuck you right I ball
And I got some bad bitches that gon' pick right when I call
Its a few fuck niggas we had to ride on
We just rode on em, ain't no testify on em


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