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Crack Intro

Guess who's back (hey) uh ha ha ha that's right
King of the ghetto (hey) the mo city don
Z-Ro the crooked (that's right)
That's my motha fuckin name nigga (that's right that's right)
And I'm representing (whaa..) Ass Hole By Nature (nature)
Screwed Up Click all motha fuckin day long until the casket drop (real talk nigga)
Nigga I'm doin this shit for DJ Screw (hey)
Nigga I'm doin this shit for Big Hawk(hey)
Nigga I'm doin this shit for Big Steve Mafioso (hey)
I'm doin this shit for Big Mellow (what)
Ya kno what I'm talkin bout I'm doin this shit for Pimp C nigga (real talk)
Thats right all the mother fuckin fallen soldiers in the game nigga
(ya kno wut I'm talkin bout)
It's real out here on these got damn city streets
(that's all right) huh me? I'm reppin mo city nigga RIDGEMONT 4 to be exact
Thats wuts up wit me nigga 5 duece hoova crip
Til the casket drop nigga til the world blow ya kno wut I'm talkin bout
I ain't set trippin though nigga I'm jus out here gettin this god damn bread
Thats what it's a bout to me nigga so back back I'm a show you how to do this shit
One time ya kno wut I'm talkin bout this my new shit called Crack
Why it's called Crack? cause it's the new work nigga
Get ya HOODA ready to blaze nigga ......

I tried to beat my felony but I lost that case
Oh well I went to jail and I lost that weight
Met a couple dime pieces but I'm true to one women
I can spot a devil with breasts when I see one commin
Whats the matter yall actin like yall mad I'm free
Like to see me suferin is what you glad to see
News flash I ain't been doin bad in so long
Makin money in prison like I was still at home
Bought a few more vehicals and super size my house
Made a call to Paul Wall and he re-did my mouth
I kno you wonder why I'm the most hated rapper down south
I'm so deep they can reach wut I be talkin about
With the same size foot you couldn't fill these shoes
You ain't gotta be a crip for you to dig these blues
Where the playa haters at
It's time to hate me again
Same pistol guess take it of safety again
Same slug nose straight 5.7 ain't notin changed
Ain't lookin for no trouble just protectin my brain
Dont want me to reach out and touch you
Stay outta my way you don't give me a reason
I ain't gonna murder you mayne
I'm the new crack put me on yo hooda and blaze me
You ain't even gotta re-scope jus smoke me daily
If you lookin for a buzz this the wrong CD
Homie don't mis play unless you ready to O.D (flat line)
Older people love my musik
They don't think I'm a thug
Even little kids listen cause they don't think I'm a drug
In reality I'm an addiction but thats a good thing
Not for television I'm a world wide hood thing
Record stores and dealers movin my shit
Bootleggers got the good deal but it's too hard to call it quits
And you got the nerve to call me underground niggas please
Here go 14 new songs
Overdose on these

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