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Cut It

Gold Rolex and it’s presidential
Thing I wanted once since elementary
I’m just a breadwinner chasing that money
Don’t bother me back, women follow me
Out in Detroit, I need none’ but way better
I’m special, you better not lie to me
I’m ‘bout to rebound on a real
I’m in the street pound for a kill
I need a sweet house on the hills
I’m in the projects in the field
Harriet Tubman on the bill
Think I need two pills worth of them
Way I be talking like need to chill
Can I be honest, I cannot pretend
Pants by the clique house, having a garage sale
Big cars, big rolls, all of ‘em Rozel
Flip phone, call the cell, bounce back off a hell
Broke wrist, ah yeah, breadwinner cartel
Big money matter fact, grind tryna get it back
I don’t go to church, in the booty club, blew a sack
God knows it was hard, he was thinking he was giving back
In the trap house shooting craps, tryna win it back
Cut the plug off, price high, he don’t want a cut?
I don’t need nobody I can get it out the mud

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