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made in virtual realityBy the sensors you enjoyed the gameSee the tragedy the whole thing becameThe machine took your mind awayfrom its mortal frame'cause to live in a human wayhas become its aimFace the voidPrepare for the fightVictimizedby cruel megabytesFeel the cybervoidAgainst the machine cycle time you raceData curse your soulYou're lost in cyberspacewith no control Face the void Prepare for the fightVictimizedby cruel megabytesDirect access to madnessthrought permutationCybervoidThe machine will curse your mindYou're left separated from mankindCybervoidThe machine has made you blindYou're dream of a lifetime left behindYou have lived in a fantasybut the dream's destroyedYour spirit is doomed to roamin the cybervoidFace the voidPrepare for the fightFeel the cybervoid
Obliveon Cybervoid

Date Added: 2007-12-26
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Obliveon Cybervoid Album Lyrics
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