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D.O.A. (One Man Army)

Broadcasted live from up top of your grave-site
Your thot ass could hide but I got you in plain sight
In the darkness the snakes bite so I learned to stay bright
By manifesting wave lengths of day light to blaze mics
You can't stop the truth when I go my crew by me
Thought some higher ground today, my sound waves are tsunami
Y'all should move on if you're tryna move on me
This verse contains enough napalm to take on two armies
So reach for something or better yet keep it tucked in
My upper cut could bust a nut, you still wouldn't see it coming
If you ain't down for teaching young'uns with these deep discussions
You can go fuck yourself like asexual reproduction
I'm excessively forceful and even more so
When I shoot a wack rapper in the torso with my cross bow
Til he contacts us through Morse code
Cuz there's lost souls letting off soft flows from the crossroads
So surrender in failure before I let my pen impale ya
You prevail with bitch traits and fixate on my genitalia
It sounds terrible, I walk around with generals
And the only time you clowns get down is around genitals
You some fake crooks on Facebook and Myspace
Some internet gangsters here to talk shit to my face
You might of had us fooled but now the truth's exposed
You ain't no thug busting slugs, you have trouble shooting loads
So I pitifully ridicule and belittle these little fools
So lit the fuse, can't accept different views cuz they hitting snooze
Listen dude you got shit confused and misconstrued
I ain't here to play games and it's been the same way since middle school
Here's a little jewel for these individuals to listen to
Some simple rules you can live by if you choose
Instead you sing the blues giving interviews from swimming pools
Cuz your minuscule album couldn't fuck with my interludes
So these peons will only be on temporarily
Showed me skill that's supposedly ill so I set the remedy
It was allegedly said that the ?? has been dead for centuries
So I take the head of enemies for revenge and will avenge their memory
Had to censor sense of me, I knew I'd be condemned eventually
I can see where we're heading, my perception in extra sensory
Hip-Hop's depressing me cuz I knew the day was coming
Where you could be like Lil Wayne's and get famous for saying nothing
If you know like I know then throw your damn hands up
And told these clowns to sit the fuck down that's why they can't stand up
And what, ain't gotta hold a 9 to blow your mind
Although it couldn't hurt cuz y'all put in work, we put in overtime
Why you claim to be a student of the game if you ain't
I got my Masters, these fools is on some preschool finger paint
Y'all get ripped apart but there's a larger issue
I got that official art and your shit is artificial
From above the clouds I drop pounding rain to drown the game
Our culture's going down the drain cuz all these clowns sound the same
Just a bunch of new jacks that never did the data
They make a few tracks and they career fizzles out a minute later
So bitch holler, I'm an astonishment cuz it's notta
For you to swallow dick just to make a quick dollar
These clowns are not scholars
They got to throw a textbook from off the top of a college to drop knowledge
Some fake garbage, that's why it's hard to keep it real with cats
They insist to keep fucking with this shit like fecalpheliacs
I ain't feeling that, they forgot what it's all about
Too busy talking bout they fortune or tryna walk it out
So I gotta ask, is Hip-Hop in the building
And if not, what are you giving to your children
Some watered down clowns that forgot to bring the passion
Cuz they're too busy flashing bling, singing and finger snapping
Without slow-mo visual you can see those criminals
Engage in they prototypical homo rituals
Up in the camera looking Screwface but you fake
Guaranteed your whole crew ate huge plates of tube steak
And let me guess, you gon' come and get me next
Too bad you brandish the weapon fully loaded with empty threats
And you're so dumb cuz I don't run from no one
I just flip the issue and pistol whip you with your own gun
My God this cat is tryna rhyme hard
But his verses got more punch ins than a fucking time card
He believes the illusions, those illusions are unsettling
He wouldn't have a dope track if his wack ass was shooting heroin
Your story bores me, I could sum it up in one chapter
These gun clappers and thug rappers are really fudge packers
Claiming they'll put me in a body cast and I'll probably laugh
Cuz you about as straight as OJ's polygraph
Now we reach the time where I destroy my opponents
I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment
And it sounds like you talking shit clown
But I'm from Spliff Town, we smack a bitch down like Chris Brown
And your misconception is that I won't kick your chest in
Equipped with weapons that split seconds in six sections
I'll make an interjection, they injecting the infection
It's infesting throughout our lives from all the lies we ingesting
It's all a big scheme, but there ain't no fucking with this team
We use your face as a split screen when we spit our 16
You'll leave the cypher with huge scars
Cuz it seems I can fit the content of your 16 in two bars
Yeah you're fucked, I don't know what you thought
You try to box with God but your arms is much too short
Ain't much you could touch, you should just chill
Cuz your arms is too short like two shorts of Bushwick Bill's
Fuck what the rest said, claiming they spit flames
I'm cold blooded like Rick James on his death bed
Y'all get it fucked up like meth heads getting high off pet meds
I know what's up, I show the kids how we get fucked like sex ed
Cuz the state of Hip-Hop is disgusting
I'm fed up, heads don't even get up like erectile dysfunction
That's why we need the soldiers cuz these greedy vultures
Got plans to eat the culture til all that's left is mediocre
But the solution's not eluding me
I'ma put this game under a tremendous amount of scrutiny til we musically were we used to be
Before the main aim of the game was to let your chain bling
Back when freestyling, off the head was the same thing
They kicking dirt on the family name
It's a shame it went from Big Daddy to Danity Kane
Still we all wylin, singing a song smiling
Hip-Hop is not dead, it's on a respirator in Strong Island
So fuck auto-tune, we make music
I don't even like that shit when T-Pain use it
So how about some hardcore
How about some breakdancers on some cardboard so we can preserve the art form
Instead we follow clones, that's why I'm known for hating rappers
If it ain't about the love what's your motivating factor
I guess it's just the cash, well guess what
I think you got your head stuck directly up your asshole
Often I roam doing courses unknown
But I roll with Bad Karma, why would I walk it alone
What you expect when you tossed stones at a porcelain home
I'll scalp that ass and show you the meaning of 'off of the dome'
I mean enough's enough, what you fucking up the game for
I'ma rip this industry apart and I'm starting at the main floor
Life's a gamble, so don't bet on my rivals
Cuz when the collision's head on they dead on arrival

Yeah, had enough of you fake ass rappers. A bunch of bullshit freestyles. Oh yeah that's a freestyle. Fucking wrote that shit the same day. That's some fucking bullshit man, I remember what freestyle is. That's instant composition mothafucker. That's off the dome. That's off the head. That's spitting it right there, on the spot. Not some fake bullshit you recycle. Taking like three raps and throwing them shits together. Come up with some fresh shit for the DJ. That DJ sucks anyway. Playing some watered down Hip-Hop, no wonder why we drowning in this bullshit. Here to take this shit man. Tab One. I'm fucking out. Bad Karma. 2009. Don't forget this shit. Take this shit into consideration. Before I gotta come back. Put your careers to a fucking halt. This is just one/sixth of Bad Karma, y'all don't want to see the other five. Death to wack rappers. Main stream I'll take a piss in it. Y'all make me sick. I'm out

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