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Damage 96 (Live on 09.3 WRIU)

I'm all by myself sittin' thinkin' what the fuck happened?
Where the hell I go wrong, I'm tryin' to be strong
But when I flex my muscles cramp and tighten
They got my frightened
And in a war
The kind I used to always win before
But now it's different
Victories are hard to come by
There's early death for young guys
But everyone dies so they say, "Hmmm"
But I ain't no exception
My mortal force lost support, they're vulnerable with no protection
I walk the tight rope, thinkin' that I'll be saved by a net if I fell, slipped
And almost get sent to Hell
I don't wanna pull no life threatening stunts
Without thinking it over more than once
Which is often
Choose your coffin
Unless you don't plan to die
What kind of man am I?
Learn your lessons and kill the questions
I find an answer from within
Fuck the color of my skin, forget my freedom of religion
Everyone knows our violent history from the books
We're war mongers, rapists, racists and culture crooks
It ain't no mystery
But it ain't all in black and white, society is littered with grays
And I'm tryin' to gain some insight
Some believe a species of another kind
On the other hand we got people who are acting like they color blind
What's America?
Melting pot or tossed salad?
Toss the ballot out your mouth by now of course it's invalid
And don't make no difference
If anything it hurts our progress
Take it to congress
Everything's such a long process
Nothing's efficient
I used to strive to towards being perfect
But there's so much worthlessness in this world it just ain't worth it
I've come to this conclusion
We're livin' an illusion
We slaughter guys cause we can't Organize Konfusion
Resulting in a conspired genocide
Kinda makes me want to pick up my sword and put my pen aside
To do damage

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