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Declaration Of Spiritual Independence

the universe shrinks in a wrinkle of pain.Listen to me. I will nourish your flesh with blood dewExplore the labyrinth of memory and free yourselffrom the hypertrophy of remembrance.I want to awake from paralysis the icons buriedin the absence and disharmony so that they canenjoy again an instant of contemplationand penetrate the realms of senses.This is the final call, the time of rebirth and catharsisthe quietness after the stormUnivocal language of phrases ancient like musicRelish the essence of this immaterial fluidPrinciple of aggregation and disgregation,everywhere and nowhereForsake the anguish and waver in the absolute freedomLet stasis convert into motionand let your essence strip of all lies.Throw your dice and enjoy the chanceThe moon could not appear again.
Cadaveria Declaration Of Spiritual Independence

Date Added: 2007-12-28
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