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Deep Inside We're Blue

Swimmin' in the slime
Peelin' off th' dock
Baby got a purple skirt that is polka-dot
Beauty in decay can be the only way when you are not

Wind is blowin' strong
Rainin' in the world
Nothin' but a sag where there used to be a curl
Cloud is comin' on
The weatherman was wrong¨c¨cit's hot

Kill the referee
I'm callin' off the match
Gimme somethin' real¨c¨cbabyface will need a peel tonight

Where they go
We don't know
But deep inside we're blue
Catch that fish
Your only wish
Deep inside we're blue
Blow that horn
From you I'm torn
No one has a clue
So pass that glass
Did you have to ask
Deep inside we're blue

Collision traffic mess
Failure or success
Who you lookin' at and tryin' to impress
Join you in your pain
Are you lookin' for the same tonight

Place me in your web
I will obey your plan
Gimme somethin' real¨c¨cbabyface will need a peel tonight

Chorus repeat

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