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Diamonds & Girls

[Intro: Lil Wayne]
Yeah, C3 baby
Young Weezy and Young Curren$y
You understand me?
This how we doing it

[Hook: Lil Wayne]
Di-diamonds and girls
Di-diamonds and girls
Di-diamonds and girls
Di-diamonds and girls, and girls, and girls
Di-diamonds and —

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Get 'em
Like five, six chains on
Slick Rick, no patch just frames on
Marc Jacobs Aviators and a V-neck
Ten bitches, ten pistols on the P-jet
In a drop top Madina with the top up
I'm in that bitch getting neck like a shot put
Hundred thousand for the grill, if I lie, I die
Flow sick, so sick, see the cyanide
And here's my most funniest joke: I'm broke
Don't worry 'bout me, the money got me
And I keep the burner on me like an I.D
The Lamborghini orange like vitamin C
And leave a bitch stuck like a kite in a tree
Weezy F.B., the money is the matter
I'm working like a bad bladder, M.O.B

[Hook: Lil Wayne]

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Hailing from the bottom of the map
But standing at the top of the game
Kush got a nigga looking like I could really use a nap
But I'm still out wildin' with the gang
Got diamonds in my chain, more colors than the Northern Lights
Life is a traffic jam but I'm on a motor bike
Zig-zagging past these bastards, laughing at them
I got them suicidal like the doors on the Phantom
Yeah, hot spitter nigga, who you thought it was
Bitches want to hold me in the morning like a coffee mug
I don't try to lock them down cause I am not an officer
I just knock them down in groups of ten
As if I'm in the lane aiming for bowling pins
Then the style switch so quick
Have you thinking that the disc skipped
Pimping serious
Make them bring it back like pass interferance

[Hook: Lil Wayne] (x2)

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Speed boat, wife-beater
Ballin' like Derek Jeter for every reason
That Testarossa can get ghost like it never seen ya
The same color as sesame-a, diarrhea
The pioneer-a, I am here-a, right here-a
The watch nasty like gonorrhea
Money long like Nia, I appear-a via satellite
Whomever don't like the premiere, he a hermaphrodite
Vegetaters up in my ear-a, get it clear
Pretty women want this nigga right here-a like Richard Gere
I switch the gear, and steer and disappear
And if I ever jump off a pier I would probably fly

[Hook: Lil Wayne] (x2)

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