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Dirt Naps

Well I was never meant to work but i was meant to make money
And i don't need a band to get hot girls to fuck me
Some say i'm heartless some say i'm just cold
But i just call it growing old
Really though, have you ever been told
That you just have no soul
This world you can't control
Just keep me whole
And now these kids beg just to here me flow
But first i'll take an e pill and just roll
All my crazy livin will take its toll
But thats okay you can find me chillin at shows
Tearin up shit cause no one ever knows
The truth behind all the smoke i blow
You wanna call me young
But you can't call me dumb
I'm just having fun
And this mother fuckers done
I'm coughing and wheezing
I think i popped my lung
I can barely breathe
I'm as high as the sun
I need to think quick
Cause i might sink quick
Plus its all quicksand devouring the scene shit
I don't know but this some scene shit
That will probably make me cream rich
I want the green in my hand first you greedy bitch
Your lucky to have me
Or else you people wouldn't see
How sick of an mc a white kid could be
My shit is as catchy as the aids epidemic
Killing you slowly with every line and every sentence
I'm just living a dream
Nothing is what it seems to be
I'm just living a dream
Nothing is what it seems to be
And i don't need a pen to write a tight chorus
I'm the best and everybody knows it
The critics well they wish they could ignore this
But they can't because i'm about to blow up

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