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Do It Like Dat

[Chorus: x2]Hold up wait a minute shawty bring it back, Wind me up, do it do it like that[Verse 1:]Put that dick up in that hoe, f**k that bitch like you mad at her,if her pussy stank oh man throw a rag at her[?]Oh i think they like it when she on a handstandBut She to riped,bust em outside, found me a blockhed to do me while i driveTook her to the room, showed her no slack,[?]then i broke the bitch backAnd she can do it do it do it, plus she got that bubblegum and she know how to chew itI make her lean wit it, i make her rock wit it, gon head girl do dat pop wit it[Chorus x2][Verse 2:][Do It Like Dat lyrics on]Hold on, hold on(hey herre I Go) Souja gon do yo shuffle and jig on dat hoe(HEY)I saw her tattoo, I pulled her by her shirt and then ohhhhh do it!!!!Get up on that thang and shke ya laffy taffy hoe, if u aint gon dance what the hell you at the party foNow quiet down, let cha boy get in his stance, (SQUAD HOLD YA BOY UP!)while i do it with no hand, i get a little crunk, and yep, she like that, crank that shuffle up, hold on i'll beRight Back, and she like the way my team hit it, dun, dun dun, oh, gon head shawty lean wit it.[Chorus x2][Verse 3:]Now u can do it like that, or you can do it like this, bend ya knees, rock ya hips, gon do it with a twistNow pause, take a picture for the camera phone, now do it do it do it with a clean ass fitNow lean to the left, and jig to the right, I aint gotta be Crunk just to make that beat look tight now watch me do itwat me do, now do the matrix, and put cha back into it, do the shoulda motion, do the shoulda lean, hold on hold on stoplook at shawty in dem jeans, if she jukin me, u know she'll juke the whole team,vada A in the buildin know wati mean[Chorus x2]

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