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Don't Believe It

Don't believe it
Don't believe what you read
Don't believe it
It's a dog's life we lead

A pretty face like hers
You know, it could have launched a ship
Charm schools, Chinchilla furs
They say she never missed a lick

We look so good together
Painting up the town
They think this lasts forever
Please don't let 'em down

[Repeat Chorus]
I'm in the country club
Tryin' to explain
Why she prefers to stay at home
With her friends
And entertain

Tuesday night I tiptoe in
Pretending I don't know
That she's been with another man
For some dinner and a show

[Repeat Chorus]
To our friends we're so devoted
The example that they need
We're so proud to have been voted
The most likely to succeed

[Repeat Chorus to FADE…]

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