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Don't Trip

Right about now, you are rocking with the best
Yes, the East coast's finest, {?} greatest
So here we have, the, the all raw material
The man from the sand, the brotherman from the motherland
That was another clan, make you stutter like the Dutta man
Next, ladies and gentlemen, we have, Pacewon

Yeah yeah, this is hardcore gangsta rap
You see your pockets deflate and he don't answer back
You see if I diss a player then he had to be dissed
Scratch his name off your faculty list, cause if you don't
I'ma flip, say word, he suck and it's through
Fuck with him, I ain't fuckin wit'chu
And then, if I ever see you on the street without a M-16
I'ma act like Mike Tyson when he seen Mitch Greene
Yeah I'ma act like Al Capone, pull a Louisville Slugger out
And beat a brother 'til his body look like rubber now
Plasma leakin, lookin like Sustecal
Don't even come around, I'm the #1 underground
Artist in the world by far
And I wonder who's the next MC I might scar
Is it you, you, you or maybe him
For I am like a ton and I roll with crazy men nigga

Take it easy homey don't trip
Or he'll empty out the whole clip
Hold your breath and leave a ransom
Start to throw a fuckin tantrum
He don't ever call for five-oh (woop woop woop woop)
Pop the trunk and grab the rifle (ch-ch, ch-ch)
Players better run and hide quick
Cause he'll bust you and your sidekick

Yeah! Son of an immigrant, passionate, intimate
I was so infatuated with rap and gettin into it
For me it was imminent, felt so fuckin genuine
I would rap for anyone worth a new millenium
Then I told my dad my plan, back then
He was rockin to "Roxanne, Roxanne"
Now I'm all grown up educated and my plan is succeedin
And I'm eatin like a deacon in the Garden of Eden
And the, sooner I blow, the sooner we bust
Breathin life into those parties that would usually suck
Breathin life into those records that would usually flop
With rhymin, timin shinin like a jewelry shop with Titan
Giant fightin off two or three cops writin
Invitin kids to watch you and me box brother
The older I get, the harder I spit
I'll beat that ass like your father and shit, oh no chico!


Take it to the bridge now
{?} hair pull, pass me a scalpel
Pourin 'til bass flow, all in your asshole
Dirties rascal, start a fiasco
Way out in Glasgow, don't make me snap yo
Bringin it back bro, never get tackled
Never a flag thrown, I'm in a bad zone
Yeah I'm on your one yard line, ready to rush in
I can feel my heart beatin, I'm bustin, it's percussion
Like Nick Cannon played it in "Drumline"
And I can freestyle while I'm bustin at one-time
And I can freestyle at the table at lunchtime
That's why everybody with a radio bump mine
That's why everybody with a radio like this
Not just for backpackers or the crazier white kids
Not just the hoochies or the niggas that clock
The killers too they wanna see the nigga Won really rock


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