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Dope Boy

[Verse 1]
Watch my uncle drank his life away, he died today
My auntie would not put the pipe away she like the yay
These hoes ain't fuckin with no nigga that don't like to pay
She don't obey cause she ain't shopping where she want to shop or staying where she wanna stay
And hey I know a ho gon' be a ho
So every now and then I might make a bitch get it off the flo'
I don't keep up with what I spend, I just know I gotta get some mo'
You know my money sin, so I'm just waiting hoping its gonna show
Round here need keys gotta open up yo door
Gotta look out for the snakes, gotta keep your grass low
They say a man graduated, got his bachelor's degree
But somehow she end up sitting in my passenger seat

This is why ya bitch want a dope boy
A Dope boy, a dope boy(get money nigga)
A dope boy, dope dealer
This is why these hoes love a dope boy
A Dope boy, a dope boy(she loves this shit)
A dope boy, dope dealer

She said all she ever wanted was a dope boy
A Dope boy, a dope boy(get money nigga)
A dope boy (get money nigga)
She said all she ever wanted was a dope boy
Dope dealer, dope boy, dope boy, dope boy

[Verse 2]
Come home from work and the cable off
The only answer that you have is that they laid you off
Instead of helping her you hurting her, there's no security
And you can't take how they working her, lil security
Its kinda pulling up on me when I'm in traffic
Don't pay no attention so she reaching out to grab it
I see and hey, she say she tired of living average
And what's the marriage
If her finger dont have no carats
Stingy nigga shawty said you hate to share it
Dressing rooms, shes asking me if she could wear it
I took out them tennis shoes for them Jimmy Choo's
Quit handcuffing hoes and let these bitches choose


All I eva wanted was a dope bitch
She got her own shit, she ain't with the broke shit
She said all she eva wanted was a young deala
Buy his own bricks
Fuck a broke nigga
Real talk like
These hoes loyal to the money mane
You know what I'm saying
Bitches like nice thangs and shit I do too know what I mean
Get yo weight up nigga
Small shit nigga
She like to go shopping that small shit nigga
She want a car nigga, that small shit nigga
She need a house nigga, she need a rent paid nigga
Fuck with her
If you don't then I am
Dope boy baby
Street nigga for real doe

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