Lord Philo - EFX Lyrics



I finally copped some confidence so now i'm riggity ripping tracks
Yo y'all wiggity wack
That's a miggity figgity fact (UH)
Shiggity shag
Edward Frost victory lap
Got the game in a bag
And your brains going splattt *pan*

They want EFX
I got effects
Still wondering who's next
You looking at blu & ex
On another duplex
So give us them checks
And we taking what's left
Now who's next?*pans*

Like who's next
Yeah we're coming for your necks
He's blasting right outta Tex
I'm shooting straight from the Lou
Show and prove that's how we do...
Collaborating creating classics for you

Uh me and the crew growing up without a clue
Loving this before we knew
What we knew
And now it's blue
Sky lines, white truths... cool

Verse 2

I'm on the edge of a name
I'm at the edge of the game
I'm edging up lames
I'll bet you'll spin this record again
Again and again

Cuz shiggity shag
Is iggity nice
On the low he saved my life

On one rainy night....
Writing lyrics in my phone
Not sure about a home
But i knew that they were strong
So i kept chugging along
After months without a song

Then what do you know
Email notification

And it was shown
God had me all along
I shoulda known...
Shoulda... shoulda known...

Hey never doubt the throne

Not Ye and Hov
But the One who's on the phone
When you're life's out of control

You'll learn not to diss him
Or dismiss him

Or else it's finish him... *FINISH HIM*

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