Lord Philo - Let the rhythm hit em. Lyrics

Let the rhythm hit em.

Son of a king and I'm oh so neato but need a queen tho
Pens and needles got my rhetoric so rapido
Like latinas...
Bunny babas made me say bye bye to chocolate droppas
I've got the choppas
I'm catching bodies
I'm so naughty... so so so so naughty
See nobody cuz the shotty flipped em like a krabby patty
That’s out of character? nah that’s just hysteria
From burying gray areas, well now i’m finally standing up
I said I’ve had enough, i’m tired of being irrational
I’m passionate and passing up whoever’s stuck bussin a nut
See y’all lovin the lust, but it’s God I trust
I’ve said it before but I can’t say it enough
This generation is so impatient like we some patients
With complications cuz our nation’s lining up with satan
Castrating or fading debators because they hate us
Sweeney todd’n any knockers with problems when they outta
Give us a listen set new traditions
Expeditions going fishing for nutrition
Bringing greatness into fruition
Forever’s my mission
Now i’m just doing the dishes
Paying my dues learning the rules
Studying jewels gaining new tools
While you fools rush in blushing
Rock out and end up on crutches
Clutchness can’t be rushed kid
Trust this… justice serves the bear
And smokes out the hare

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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