Lord Philo - Sims Lyrics



Su! su! friendships are like plants...
If you don't care for them... they wither and die

Writing these lyrics on this dirty laptop
Lot on my mind I'm just tryna get it out


Another Legendary verse from Edward Frost
Spit it never soft
Skating on these beats like it was neversoft
Tony hawk
Underground that's my sound, feel it now?

This is based on feeling and feeling only...

But those that know me
Know that this is so me
So be, straight
Flow so like sobe
On a sunny day
So understand who i am I'm the man yo you get it fam?
Yeah you get it...
If not, cram
Oh man
I'm that man
Had to say it again
Because i toucan
No sam
Really shoulda been two parrots
But if the shoe fits
Wear it or bare it
Bury it
I'm scared of her

As an artist I'm extremely wary of
Losing myself never being enough
Filler lines not feeling much


They tryna speed us up...
I wanna slow you down...
Find my sounddd... (1)
Say something profound...(2)
Can you hear me now?


What you tryna kick knowledge or tryna get dollars?
I'm tryna do both
I'm the new hope
Got new goals
Like moving into my own home

All while not selling my soul
But getting this gwop from these shows
Listen I'm tryna touch the people
But not need to peep through my peephole
You peep though?
My reach though?
It's free throw
I do this no cheat codes
Y'all like game sharks
Shouts out gamefaqs
That's where i met shag
Talk talk state

Racks, get em
Rats, kill em
But the pack is where it's at

Logic 301 314 where I'm from
Son dun we can run a nation
It can be done
Just never run
Ain't it fun
Like paramore
Got more in store
Kick in the door
But no 44

It takes 5 to get the job done
Five letters in my name
Check it FROST son

Hook 2

Lauryn said you may win some but you just lost one?
Nah you ain't winning none long as we around son!

*Insert the John Blaziest outro of all time*

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