Lord Philo - Get Up Lyrics

Get Up

Hit the pocket like a rocket a young Manning in his prime
Which is funny, money i ain't even close to hitting mine
Ayo! hitting your prime means that there will come a time
When your rhymes ain't sublime and they lose a little shine

Never you mind i'll just show you with the rhymes
In 20 years i'll be rhyming on par with Nas
Because i'm focused on the cause not the gloss
To floss is a loss when you serve a higher boss
With that said there's a cost to be the boss
Take money to make money... of course

But that applies to all facets of the course
The school of life ain't free... but get yours
Go to college gain knowledge then tour

See the books as training for the glor-y
Feeling free means nothing with no degree
Of difficulty feel what i mean?

I ain't saying that university
Is universally
The fix to your pity
But really
Consider this
Hear me...
You'll wanna run the city
And if thee has not studied
Or prepared for the money
It won't be funny
When you're crumbling

So listen like you heard it here first
You can do better.. please know your worth

You can be more
There's more in store
So go get what's yours
Let's settle the score...

This is genius literature
Spitting at ya
The best
This is timeless

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