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Feel like I’m trapped in the ghetto where we live, grimey
But dear god please, watch over my empire
Cold heart, live, bitch shit, spit fire
But dear god please, watch over my empire
Major deals on the table still I live violent
But dear god please, watch over my empire
Streets feel I’m finna be a foreign whip driver
Until then, god watch over my empire

[Verse 1]

Kept it gangster, never ratted I’m like why hate me?
Looking at my g-shot, it’s only 9:18
Probation officer stalking to violate me
I’ma duck them, get in trouble they gon’ violate me
They tellin’ me to squash the beef with the other side
Let me guards down, they a do me like them other guys
Catch me late night, flip me and my momma
Flip we again this momma
That’s your thug there, you put him in a pamper
Innocent by standard gangsta, Mark Cancel
What you did to them? Send a hit and got them cancelled
I believe in god so to him you got to answer
Change on my brain, pussy come and get the rancer
And they tell you that they love you but they stealing out your house
Let em rock your change now they down you with they guns out
Lets see who stick around when the money runs out


[Verse 2]

Shot at 6 times in 09 and since it’s started to heal
My brothers dead in a coffin no talking to him
Sweet lady, I love your momma
Every day I pray for god to protect your momma
If I kill you that really would upset your momma
Your children drop flowers, god bless your momma
No regrets for the dead still respect your momma
Travis in the feds bitch I still eat tilapia
Get shot in the head but I’m still with the mafia
Lying in your raps, you ain’t gripping no steal
I know gorillas forreal, I’m a killer forreal
Pamps somethin, Up-town Beezy, my brother
Phone call, knock your dorm off, block hother
Block her a girl pregnant and her back against the wall
With kids, she don’t live with her back against the wall
Put that on my first murder, that’s all I got to say
Knock your arms out of place x4


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