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Enchanted Forest

We've been on the road so long to lands both near and far
We're weary in the evening fall
The skies above get dull
I spot enchanted forest
And so I pull over the car and park

Never in all my days have I been somewhere so grand
Through magical woods we walk together hand in hand in hand
Through stories that gave you nightmares when they were read to you in your bed
Of children lost in the woods or stuffed in ovens or locked in a cage
By a bad man, or a troll

But then we came to some water and we're in for quite a shock
For four rowboats were tethered to a slippery and rickety old dock

And we all rowed our boats away, away, away, away
Then the rain came and the ducks came and they did their thing

And we left happy as ever safe and well
And we took pictures lest we forget

There tucked away on the side of the highway in the mountains cold and grey
Is a castle, a pirate ship, a princess, some huts and golden flecks
They'll flap and fly when the wind picks up and things will find away
And the moon shown all night

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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