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Blindness and fanaticism are those types of aberration
which always slowing down the development of humankind.
And nothing has changed on that score for today...

Watching out the flowing people
How you define the mob?
Miserable life of rats
Claiming the friends of God
The absence of intelligence
Means stupidity and blindness
For things which leaves and die
In the end

They want to crucify me
First throwing stones
I am sinking into the mire
Named human race
It doesn't matter how hard you're trying
This world is lost
Worms gives everything

Holy minx
Crowned paragon
All, that they praise
In the circles of time
It means nothing in the universe
Sawbones of souls
In the houses of God
Practice silence

Watching out the flowing people
How you define the mob?
lead: Peter

Miserable life of rats
And I am above thralldom
Thoughtfulness in expecting
The End...

Date Added: 2008-04-01
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