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[Hook: Blaze]
Recognize, that I am not alive
I survived in the sands of the hourglass of time
I'm the chalk line outline everything is mine
From the wind to the Earth to the shadows far behind
I'm the stars in the sky and I shine so bright
I'm eternal, I'm the reason that the day turns night
I'm the water and the sun, I'm the bullet in your gun
I'm the finger on the trigger and I'm 'bout to blast one

[Verse 1: Blaze]
I ain't ever give a shit, all them bitches better recognize
The dead motherfucker on the block
And I'm baptized in the blood of the fallen
Keep it G, going HAM, Yosemite Sam
Fuck around be the next hologram
Big dog way off the collar, don't bother
With the cage, can't keep me like the way I need my space
Going six feet deep, where the dead man sleeps
With the rats that creep, am I blessed for weeks?
And the maggots still seep by the open wounds
Dressed like a Vagabond draped in tatted runes
I've been left for dead, misread and misquoted
Been stepped over, unless a man would have voted
Under pressures of those with their bloated egos
Sense of righteousness and the path that they chose
Never know the half, you are last, you're the past
Going backwards real fast, that's why they laugh

[Hook: Blaze]

[Verse 2: Blaze]
It's all about pro?, you bitches better hope
I don't see you on the streets cause I'm going to your dome
With the handle of the 38 special fuck the tissue
Facial reconstruction from the beating that I issue
Fuck you know that I miss you, you's a bitch, it's official
Talk that shit, get your neck slit quick on some box cutter shit
Of the graveyard shift, laugh as blood drips, yelling
(Majik Ninja bitch!)
You think you know me? If only you fuckin' phony
Think a motherfucker can control me? You can blow me
And blow balls of the has been stars
As they fall they about as relevant as a mall
Meaning they dying off, fast march on the ends?
Take your last [?] statement of the ?lap dance?
You had your chance, [?] pop bottles
And everything in your grips just like you won a lotto

[Hook: Blaze]

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