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Everytime I turn around my friends are turnin into foes
I can't feel my days at hand please Heaven open up your doors
I wanna live my life, my life but my life is coming to a close
that's why I pray to my God - my God give me strength so I can carry on

[Verse 1 - Trae]
Feel like I'm goin on 40 but I ain't hit the age of 24
hard times killing my smile but I'm a make it though
if I can remember the last time I got to laugh without fakin
on top of niggaz hatin plus I feel I'm runnin by Satan
but I'm a solider and feel like it be hard for me to cry
so I laugh away the pain and roll the time by
this life I'm livin everyday is reality at it's best
all my doggs dead or gone and I'm struggles keeping me stressed
deep inside I know it ain't right to fake what I'm feelin
but I'm confused cause my pride got me fighting the feelin
they locked my dogg up right when we was reachin the top
I made a promise to myself that I'm a maab till I drop
I know one day it's gon' get better when the sun get to shine
cause in the rain we forever duckin one time
and to my brother J and Boss I got ya back till I'm dead
SK for life my nigga hold up ya head


[Verse 2 - Boss]
Every once in awhile I get a call from my friends
one of my homies from the block done went back to the penn
niggaz can't stay out of shit for shit cause shit gon'call they name
I done been stranded before my nigga Boss done felt the pain
hustlin in the rain not knowin where my meal finna come from
out on the corner with soft and hard - stackin tryna get funds
duece 4 - 7, three hundred and sixty five
I keep my head to the sky, hopin God's gonna let me ride

[Verse 3 - Jay'Ton]
Reminicin bout the better days
stuck in a daze got me feelin like I'm trapped in a maze
I'm at a early age, stressin like a grown man
and all my pain got me beggin for a helping hand
I miss my brother even though we barely know each other
cause in my life he been gone away and it make me tougher
everytime I turn around it's the same thing
same pain still trapped in the same game

[Verse 4 - Lil'B]
Everytime I turn around I feel I'm losin composure
Lord knows that hard modes turned me into a solider
I got a brother living sick thinkin life is a bitch
on lock down and this the type of shit I live with
family be needin cash ends barely meetin
Lord knows my pockets starvin while these niggaz eatin
plus I'm threw fuckin with playas that's finna turn to foes
I just wanna leave my life in peace and chase dough because...


[Verse 5 - Z-Ro]
Give me the strength cause I grow weaker by the second
my squab game good but I feel the need to keep a weapon
close to me when I'm out in public or when I'm at the house
sometimes I feel like I'm the most hated person in the south
I see death around the corner and he callin my name
I know I gotta go but first let me make me some change
cause I ain't never had nothin in my life time
so why the world wanna disconnect my life line
I kept it real with homies who kept the realness back
now that I need 'em they can't see me man how real is that
matter of fact I think they wanna see me dead and gone
and me strugglin they don't wanna Z-Ro happy because his friend is 'lone'
just cause they dead broke, they want me to be broke with 'em
could it be that they mad at me because I can afford to smoke with 'em
jealousy and envy made me sharper then a blade
I broke bread why my homies wanna put me in my grave everytime I turn around...


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