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F*** tha world

Look, look, look...
A young nigga screamin' fuck the world and let 'em die
Behind tents, tryna' duck the world and smoke and ride
Got my bandana 'round my head and pants to my feet
And got my eyes fire red and Glocks on my seat
I'm tryna' stay under intoxication
Cause I lost my father, and got a daughter, plus I'm on probation
I'm drinkin liquor like it's water, gettin' pissy drunk
And stayin' away from them lil' broads that tryin to get me sunk
I keep a choppa in the trunk, and my heat on my waistline
Duckin' the law, 'cause I ain't tryna' do no FED time
Sometimes I jus' wish I could be away
But I gotta take care of Janae and keep Macita straight
So I just maintain the struggle and I keep tryin
But how can I when my closest people keep dyin
I ain't lyin, and the law tryna' bust my clique
But I scream "Fuck the world man, I'm too young for this.."

[HOOK] 2x
Look, I don't curse, but in this verse, man fuck the world
I lost my father to the gun and made a little girl
And I'm still thuggin' with my niggas tryna' keep it real
And I'm still doin' for my mother and I'm payin' bills

Give me a cigarette, my nerves bad
The FEDs said they heard that I know where them birds at
And my old lady say she saw me with anotha pigeon
And some lil' boys shot up my block and now I gotta kill 'em
And teachers keep tellin' my mamma that I'm gettin' worse
And now she trippin' talkin' bout I need to be in church
And my lil' girl, whole family tryna' lie in court..
Tryna' put me, a child, on child support..
And my own family deny me of what I do 'cause I'm a thugs and stuff
Plus, my niggas keep fallin' to them drugs and stuff
That dope got these niggas meltin away
Man they got clowns right around me, killin' they self everyday
We keep fightin' but they so strong
I know it's hard but don't give up, Baby, hold on
Just keep ya fate, count blessings, and whodi, keep ya trust
And grab ya nuts and let 'em know that we don't give a fuck
We don't give a fuck...

[HOOK 2x]
I mean this world just ain't gon' never change
So I just keep my head up and my nuts, let 'em hang
Dogg, I swear it's very rough out here for the youngsta's
Like everybody against me 'cause I'm a young thug
Dear Rabbit, why they had to kill Rabbit?
But I'ma keep you alive, nigga, I'm Lil' Rabbit
That's why this lil' nigga be thuggin' like there's no tomorrow
I only can depend on Macita and C-M-R'r
I try my best to make it through the night and live today
But I'm upset, so I'm steady wipin' tears away
And police got me under surveilance, when and wherever
Wreckin' they brains, tryna' figure where I'm gettin the cheddar
I tell my family just leave me a'damn-lone
I can handle all'a my business, this lil' man grown
But I try and forget about it and just stand strong
But if everything was cool, I wouldn't write this damn song..
Fuck the world!

[HOOK 3x]
Look, I don't curse but in this verse..
Man, fuck the world...

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