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[Intro:]- That's later version of getting F.U.B.A.R.
- What's F.U.B.A.R?
- Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.
[Verse 1:]Check it, Check it. Uhh, uhh. yo,
I'm like Schwarzkopf with a sawed-off merkin' serplekle Berkowitz walk
Cut your hands off, now go jerk off you faggot molested, maggot infested
Shot with a magnum, stabbed in the abdomen,
intestines, body bag, next contestant!
The hostage- take, nostril breaker, blood loss got you nauseous, shaking
Get destroyed like the Pink Floyd sausage maker in a larvae bed
Faster than tarvol with a blade carving up heads, machete
You're fading to shreds like barber on meds
Your cunt's gun injected, your torso's disconnected
Bitch my erection is in your pelvis section unprotected
Spasms and seizures cut the protoplasm on your face, jet like motor razor
No photograph of me, the code of assassins,
get yo specs gouged, blast off Tecs at yo house
My trigger finger's sexually aroused, gettin' busy wreck your division
Like a prison, neck incision,
you're getting fucked up bitch beyond all recognition
[Chorus:]You F.U.B.A.R! Scarred with a gemstar, pa, you F.U.B.A.R!

Hit with a metal bat in your car, you F.U.B.A.R!
You should've thought before you sparred,
you fucked up beyond all recognition!
Fucked up beyond all recognition!
Fucked up beyond all recognition! what?!
Fucked up beyond all recognition! say it! fucked up!
[Verse 2:]You couldn't hurt a mouse, yet you tried to front on my cause
Just because other word of mouth is I'll punch you in yours
My get down's viral, you're a coward on a downward spiral of ground gyro
A pyromaniac, burn down your firewall,
shit on your pride, you should commit suicide
I just might come to your hood and let bullets rip
through the side of your eye
You'll never be shit, you on some police shit
I should unleash pits on you and let them eat your flesh, please bitch!
Stick that gun up your ass and see if it fits
You don't know who you fucking with,
bite me, you DIE! get left stiffin' and sticks
Don't need to feel liquored so I could pull triggers
My hands skill's bigger, I leave your whole fucking grill disfigured
Looking I'll after I jigged it,
real despicably wicked, like gigabod sick of God kick
the bucket like pickit
Fuck it you bitch better suck it and lick it or I'll
leave an icepick stuck in your head
Cut off your dick and feed you it

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