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F64 [S1.EP24]

Big, Frisco
What was they thinking?
Big dutty stinkin'
F64 listen

So how could you tell me I ain't done nothin' for the scene
My question is can you do more?
Always ready, I'll bet you a score
You're not sure like Zsa Zsa Gabor
And I don't wanna clash none of these MC
Even though I know I got lyrics galore
Lyrically Frisco's going on [?]
And I ain't satisfied with couple bills
Or couple bags, nah me I want more
Ain't happy with just three, I want four
The grime scene come like the big blue sea
And I'm a shark on a mic, so me I'm like Jaws
Spit sixteen I get a round of applause, and of coure I'mma ride 'em down for the cause
If you wanna hear some rider music, go get Back 2 Da Lab in stores
Bars with no floors, 'cuz I'm a lyrical skeng of course
Had no choice but to kick off the doors
And the crowd don't cheer they overly roar
Like c'mon lot told you already I'm overly heavy
Tell a hater for [?]
I roll with a nine so forget having a swing out
My man's gassed warg warn for that
Anyway bun that, I'm on for a mil' out here
Frisco's big out here
So many emcees came and went
But as you can see I'm still out here
When I'm here emcees get bunned
When I'm here, I back from none when I'm here
Man can't tell me they're looking for Joseph
Man can't diss JME when I'm here so shut up
You don't wanna see me and my dawgs then run up
I'm at the top of the scene while you're on a come up
Come up against me and get done up
I write from night 'til the sun up, oi
In the music, manna never been buoyed
Get on my wrong side you're totally 'noid
'Nuff man are gettin' in front of the camera and amping, like [?] they just took roids
Well we don't believe you
The mandem said they don't ever see you
I'm 75% done with my album, Back 2 Da Lab was a preview
So learn from that like three two's
Learn from my sixteen and my three two's
And none of them are fly like an Emu
Diss me, I'll [?] him for six like three two's
I'm so cool with three two's, I know G's too
To any emcee listening, thinking "Is he really talking to me?"
Yah man I mean you, come tru
You know that It's on when I come tru
[?] pop off the fun when I come tru
No dilly, no dally when I come tru
Go in to skeng man mode when I come tru, when I come tru
Everyone knows the name, somethin' like flirter
Everyone knows the shame burnin' hot on the rhythm and close to flames
I come tru like "What is it on" well it's on when my man tells me it's on
Yes I know that you heard that already but I came in the game, I came for the belly
You know that my style is way too heavy

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