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Face Real Heavy

[Intro: B.G.]
Oh we in slowmotion (yueahh)
Slowmotion better than no motion
Uhhh huhhh (uh huh)
Oh we in slowmotion (motion)
Slowmotion better than no motion
Yeah... (yuueah)
We just rollercoastin...(rollercoast, rollercoastin)
We in slowmotion
Yeah... (yuueah)
Oh we in slowmotion (motion)

[Verse 1: Z-Ro]
My face real heavy, your face real light
I'm smokin kush, that shit you smoke ain't even top flight
Now that ain't even right
Me myself I smoke that bomb brah
If I can't find it in the US I'm flyin' to The Bahamas
I've popped so many Lorcets, popped so many Somas
And popped so many Vicodins I don't need marijuana
If this was the 70s I would be known as a stoner
I would drink by myself, and I smoke by myself because I am a loner
But I don't snort cocaine, I don't huff no paint
But I'm a codeine proffesor I know everything about drank
I barely can keep my balance, I need something to lean on
I'm in the club but I will go to sleep on
The wall, if I feel like I can't take it
Y'all fellas be trippin', smokin' that wet and then y'all get naked
As Z-Ro gon' keep his clothes on, keep that codeine bubblin'
I know it look like I'm mad but I promise I'm not mean muggin'

[Hook: Z-Ro]
Face real heavy, attitude groove
Higher than a bitch, I don't want you to blow my mood
Face real heavy, y'all know what I mean
I like my women but I'm in love with that Codeine
Face real heavy, y'all know how it goes
We sippin' on a pint don't give a fuck about a foe
Face real heavy (face real heavy, face, face real heavy)
Face real heavy (face real heavy, face, face real heavy)

[Verse 2: B.G.]
My legs feels weak, my face real heavy
I'm swervin' up the block, try'na keep the world steady
This rolls the seven and pop seven pills
Got a pint on deck and I'm 'bout crank the seal
I'mma keep it real, I'mma keep it gudda
Gizzle be higher than 'bout ten muthafuckas
Feel I can touch the moon cause I'm so far in the sky
I'll bust a nigga head if they blow this good high
I done did it all, you already read the magazine
It was heroin and coke and I was using promethazine
I pop a lot a 'cets, I pop a lot of Somas
Blown over power by that shit from California
I get a lot of love, I got a lot of plugs
Me and Ro together we a drank a whole jug
Don't get it twisted, that 40 stay ready
I got a lof of fetti, and my face real heavy

[Hook: Z-Ro]

[Verse 3: Z-Ro]
My face so heavy my neck and back hurtin' bad
If this nigga blow my high that'll make me wanna murk his ass
Y'all be on cloud 9 I'm on cloud 76
See I lost it
And I'm still lookin' for my breath in this bitch (what?)
I just hit the bong, guess I hit it too long
Cause I can't stop coughing and choking
That Chocolate Thai too strong
Roll up some Bubba Kush, I buy some Sour Diesel
I bet I'll blow 7 cigarrilos every hour, people

[Verse 4: B.G.]
And everyday is the same sequel
I be higher than a kite, call me Gizzle the eagle
I be higher than a plane, call me call me Gizzle the Boeing
Man I'm feelin' so good, I don't care where I'm going
My face heavy right now, but I'mma keep flowin'
We got 2 dozens of gauge and we gon' keep blowin'
I'mma stay on my level, man I'mma stay straight-raight
Man my face feel like a fifty pound weight

[Hook: Z-Ro]

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