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[Intro:J. Black Tone Terrace Martin]
Im from the land of the c’s and b’s, where niggas smoke trees and roll them gold D’s
Where niggas fucking hood rap and catch a good c’s where niggas carry rocks and pray Oh lord please!
Where niggas dat trip we pull the Glock from the hip
Bustis fucked up start the talk a lot of shit (shit) nigga don’t believe me well we’ll bust your lip
Or else

[Chorus:J. Black Tone Terrace Martin]
Face down
I left her with a whole clip
Lay down
Or you can get a whole clip

First you with a clip clapping body
Posting mismatch
O yes I am reloading ou ou face down
Left her with a whole clip

[Verse 1:Kurupt]
I’m living the living I’m born to get it
I gave them what
Uhm a
Im born to get it
Ya in if you with it
And I’m a be
Forced to spill it I gave em one
Gave em one for the road
One for these homeless niggas, one for these hoes
Tired of mutherfuckers that be talking that bullshit thinking me and the homies with the talking that bullshit
Nigga dont talk to me nigg cocking and pullshit
Calling tha bullshit sheed up is how I keep em, em posted and then
I roll it and smoking and keep it loped and trip nigga we supersoak trip niggas we super soak
Super soak em

[Chorus:J. Black Tone Terrace Martin]

[Verse 2:Kurupt]
Look, im living to live. I’m born to get it another one
Storm and triping is on, I’m tripping as soon as I saw him I started reaching grabbing my gun yea
I saw him reaching its survival of the fittest though i'mma boil and bleach him like
That's the sound
Of the flames from these hood meringues we ain't got m6's tanks
But we just bought beens we got eagles that stretch and they fly and sing maliant melodies murdering stinks
Yo im one to fuck around with theses zoo babies cuz we swarm and sting like raising bees

[Chorus:J. Black Tone Terrace Martin]

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