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Straight off the bat, I come straight off my back with a gun like i'm in Iraq and in fact I attack and tackle and sat and crack and crackle and snap back and battle my own shadow cuz ya'll wack and all that bullshit you talking starting to get funky,
pass me the tonkey
Ima bull these monkeys
stir, I'm from the block but you don't pass like a flunky we make a bitch a mule and everyone act a donkey
yes, i want you to come around here with that plan boy
i shoot this mother fucker til i burn my hand boy
bust up in the court and shoot the witness on the stand boy
this is my game is everybody in the stands boy
i'm all red im on fire like an antpile
they put the cramp down if i put the stamp down
you get the stampeed i make blood bleed
you suck dick i suck seed yaaaaa yaaaaaa and this our figuretee
so ima spit in your face singing aaaaaaaaaooooooooooyooooooooaaaaaaaaaa so ima spit in your face aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooyyyyyyyooooooooooooo
so ima spit in your face
and crazy is what they calling me but crazy isnt hardly what i am
try creativily retarted or amazingly rewarded aint no faith in me the hardest member crack, im crack, im dope in renoalds wrap now lets just hope you get it back
lets just hope that you get it
and if i have any thing to do with it
mother fucker i did it
ya young tune
gorilla monsoon
mister martian will hang your ass from the moon cuz you dont get sun you just get insooned
turn ur i.d. to a toom
goons r us the foods for us we eat with our hands no fork and spoon for us but we will take the knives and we will take the wives and we wont take the jewlrey but we will take the lives

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