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Falling In A Hole

I'm falling in a hole
Drowning in the spheres
I am trying hard to stop it
But there is nobody who hears
Me screaming
Loudly shouting
And crying
Still the fall goes on
And I can see no ground
Which hole in the world is so deep
Life turns into fear
Of landing
Of failing
Of dying
I am falling in a hole
It is so deep
Naked madness
Is what I see
Fear is rising high
The impact so near
Goddamn shit
Where am I here

Hoping it is a dream
I am trying to wake up
I just can't help myself and
So my nightmare goes
On roaring
On scorching
On killing me
Hitting on the ground
Offal splash at once
The journey ended without a chance
And so I was dead
No screaming
No Crying
But Dying
I fell into a hole
It was so deep
Why did noone help me?
I wanted to wake up
But it wasn't a dream
Goddamn shit, it is reality!

Text: Jan Starke

Date Added: 2017-08-23
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