Vehemence - Fantasy From Pain Lyrics

Fantasy From Pain

Leaves rustle by ominously, a chill quakes through my mindThough tear drenched eye I witness, this innocents demiseThe heavy hand of her father, her virginal flesh defiledMy hand moves to my scrotum, not wanting to enjoyBut the pulsating heat of my passion, I can feel on my inner thighPeering through the bushes, to the dimly lit room insideDesecration of a young girl, makes me wish she was my brideNow I must venture further, into this shrine of painTo satisfy my suffering, and end this creatures demise.Now its my turn, I make my way intothis foul environmentHis dick slips out, in utter dismayhis gaze meets with mineMy actions swift, as I push him to the floorthis man will have to dieHis daughter panting, crouched in terrorthey both await my next move....Reflecting on my actions, I understand what must now happenConcentrating my weight into my knee, I drop upon his faceMy erection is persistent, so I turn and peer downwardsLaying in a pool of vaginal fluid, I approach my victimRegret! Sorrow!Sadness! Aching for my death....The pulsing flesh under me, I can't fulfill my urgesStepping out of myself and letting the hate controlQuivering in such ecstasy, my thoughts now wanderInto a void, another plane, a heightened state of mindDriven into this negativity and exploringSurprisingly she cannot feel my hands around her neck, or my death sinking into her....Shaking....Smiling....Weeping....Bleeding....Her Jesus embraces touching, her breast tenderlywith a light push he enters, her swollen lipsBut looming in the back of her mindthe knowledge that her Jesus is dead
Vehemence Fantasy From Pain

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