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Fast Car

Stacks On Deck
Soulja, soulja, souljaaaaaaa

Yeah I like them fast cars (2x)
Pull up in that black car
I love my Bentley cuz it's a fast car (2x)
My niggas love to see them fast cars
I like fast money and fast cars (2x)
I'm going hard I'm going in (2x)

My hood wanna see me win (2x)
I Pull Up In That Black Thing (x2)
Two Pistols Like Im Max Payne (x2)
Bitch You Know That Im Bout A Check (x2)
Got A Porsche Sitting On My Neck (x2)
And Yo Niggas Wanna Draw My Set (x2)
And Yo Bitch Wanna Give Me Neck (x2)
Im In My fast Car Im Getting Head
And My Car Cost A Arm & Leg (x2)
Bitch I Swag And I Low Post (zan with that lean)
Shout Out Too My Niggas On The West Coast
AK With The Beam, SouthSide Cooke County
On Yo Head Put A Fucking Bounty (x2)
Smoking Purp Driving Fast As Fuck (driving)
And That Lean Got Me Throwing Up (Zan)
And He Got The Diggy Dash (That new shit)
Bitch I Swerve I Almost Crash (x2)
Repping For My Niggas (x2)
Still Smoking Swishers (x2)
SOD Thats The Gang
Bitch I Pull Up In That Black Thing
Sleep Next To A Choppa Cause I Know They Watching
Keep My 3rd Eye Open Cause I Know They Plotting
A Young Ghetto Nigga You Can Label Me A Baby G
Young SOD V.I.P. All Eyes On Me
Down Too Make It Happen
This Shit Could Get Tragic
10 Chains 5 Rings Im The Swagg Daddy
Niggas Mad At me
We Can Beef Gladly
AK47.. In Handy
Bitch Ass Nigga Ima Catch You On The One Way
Nigga Ima Let Yo Ass Have It, GunPlay
SOD Gang What It Is We Some Bosses
And We Pull Up Big Body We Flossing
Nigga Straight Tatted
Cheiko Gone So Savage
Loco Off O Loco When We Swerving Off In Traffic
Fucking With My Campain Ima Leave You In A Casket
Get Yo Ass Dumped With Bullets Like A Basket
Im Soulja Boy Im Savage
Im Simpset road One Bitch
Niggas Talk That Fuck Shit But Im Just Getting Money
Counting Up My Funds And You Know That Im Out There
So Much Money On Me Gotta Keep A Money Counter

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