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Fiction Of Veracity

Kingdom of dissensionMade of absurd situationsAn abstarct realityFreedom of illusionsInnate from a veracious fictionImprisoned by infinite horizonDeserted in a world without conceptionAn abstarct realityMental hurly-burlyPreposterous integrityAn abstarct realityCan you believe what you see?Experience impossibilityImprisoned by infinite horizonDeserted in a world without conceptionGetting harebrainedYou are bewildered by the things you seeGetting insaneIt is an exordium to your lunacyReality is unrealNo way to know what is trueYou are confused and you feelThat someone is playing with youHegemony of uncertaintyDomination of the nonsenseArchness of the tareLoss of accuracyYour senses are fadingOverwhelming falsificationsYou cannot bearPadlocked in a libertyCompletely unescapablefinalizing your entranceInto the exit hallIt's too late to stop the processIt is irreversableSolitary confinment will end it all
Obliveon Fiction Of Veracity

Date Added: 2007-12-16
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