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Fiery Rotten

Pyro maniacs lying in waitFulfilling unexploited fieldsWith red coulored hateAs we come closerTo the edge of the nightWe shed our tearsLike the angels in flightWail of sirensI'm drowning in soundFiery rotten-Fire holds me downFiery rotten-No way of the groundFiery rottenPeagent of fire is breaking freeMeltdown of heartsPumps in front of meBlood-stained tombstonesWill spread to the landThey claim to be godGood and bad in the handRetrace their revolutionAnd kiss your heart goodbyeFiery rotten-Fire holds you downFiery rotten-No way of the groundFiery rotten

B.o.b Fiery Rotten

Date Added: 2007-12-29
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