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I got the streets on fire (8x)

[Verse 1]
I got the streets on fire
Chain cost like nine
I get money all the time
I ain't even in my prime
I'm rolling with a dime
I got money on my mind
I count money all the time, camera flashing me the camera flashing like I'm blind
Money all the time yeah money on?
East coast west coast south side I go beast mode
Shoot your pussy ass up like a free throw
Call a migo get a kilo


[Verse 2]
You see like everywhere I got they know my name
I Got the streets on fire walking in flames
Since a nigga? oh my god these niggas lame
2016 SB bringing pain
You know what I claim that's that rich gang
I'm in the 'gatti and I'm swerving switching lanes
I'm getting money it's not a game
Fifty? on my chain
I'm an animal can't detain
She'll? yeah all for my waist
The grill say they can't put me but I tatted my face
They wonder how I beat the case


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