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Fix My Hat

Swagga In Place Now Let Me Get To It,
Im Badda Dan Yho Nigga And Da Niggas Next To Em,
I Do Me Bitch Wat Are You Doin,
Tear Drop Tune Got You Bitches Boo-Hoo'N,
Weezy F Baby Gy Gy Goo Goo'N,
And Girl I Sware If You Start Chewin Im Sewin,
yeah! And To The Paper Im Gloo'N,
And My Trunk Aint Big But Big Enough To Fit You In,
Have Yo People Like Where The Hell Yhew Went?,
They Find Yho Ass With Erthang But Movement,
And Money Talks And I Speak It Fluent,
And I Keep Them Tools So Dont Be Screwin,
Around Uptown In This Bitch Like Always,
Yung Money On The Grind No Off Days,
Yung Money Got Cheese Like Hog Heads,
Now Lay It Down Just Like MJG And Ball Said.
And Um Im So Hard Body
So Im So Hard Body..
Watcha Nigga Wanna Do,
Thats A Big Difference From Watcha Gon Do Yeah,
Spotlight On Yhew Yeah,

Hold Up Let Met Fix My Hat,
Hold Up Hold Up Let Met Fix My Hat,
Hold Up Let Met Fix My Hat,
Hold Up Let Me Fix My Gat
Hold Up Hold Up Let Me Fix My Gat,

(Verse 2)
My Guacamole G Say Yhew Boys Aint Shit,
Yhew Cant Name A Bad Bitch Dat The Boy Aint Hit,
Same Bad Bitch That The Boy Came Wit,
Same Bad Bitch That Yhew Boys Cant Get,
I Be Got Damned If The Mall Aint Hit,
Take Yho Girl And Straight Spoil That Bitch,
Yhew Know My Niggas Yeah I Give Em All That Bitch,
And Drop Hur Ass Off And Never Call That Bitch,
Ya Digg!
My Brotha Mac Maine Taught Me That,
I Sware Its Like The Nigga Wrote The Game Armanak,
How Could Yhew Even Want Her Back,
And Just In Case I Forget My Name I Made Her Get It On Her Back,

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