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Searchin' on the moon, found out love is poison
No one in the room, but I keep hearing voices
Morning to the noon, you gone see me rollin'
Leave me on the news, if somebody wrote this
Don't lie, tell me I'm chosen
Rolex, baby, that's why [?]

The streets happy, I don't need a grammy
The whole time it was for my family
Put in overtime, none of you niggas made me
Lookin' in the mirror, this shit still amaze me
Yeah (5x)

In the darkest shade, I remain here
We don't walk through TSA when that [?]
I think it's my second time being here, cause why the f*ck my problems so familiar?
I'm accepting my flaws (3x)
Flaws (6x)

It's kinda hard to say I'm having--- one
'Cause I don' gave so many--- trust
Until they showed me so many---
Flaws (5x)
If they take me, they my soul fly
I'm probably cruisin' through the southside
With my Glock out and my top...

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