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Fortune Teller

She dont want Burberry say she want Celine
My niggas the reason detective on the crime scene
Is you gone come outside or you gone hide when it's pressure
I don't need a stylist, hunded thousand in my dresser
That money will turn your friends to enemies
They ain't tell us but I want a fortune
No one around but I still here voices, brand new AP
Money don't make me, money don't make me dawg

Brand new top speed, my car and my hoe look better when the top come off
Thought you wanted me winning, I thought you would smile didn't think that you face would fall
f*cked up in the trenches
I gotta thank God cause shit so different now
I thought about venting
But shawty might go put all my business out
Put a scope on it, that's more aim, no toothbrush, no mouthwash
Nigga where was you when I need shoes, I was posted in the drug house
One of me, a hundred of y'all
I was taught to never back down
This niggas gotta kill me before they play me
Fifty in my clip like Curtis, all them youngins know is murder
I got money that's for certain
It ain't nun to turn them dirt
I try with my heart first

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