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Flexin' [Snippet]

[Verse 1]
Jumped out the Porsche, got to it
Choppa on me, bitch I shoot like I'm Cupid
Model bitch, and she gon' blow me like hookah (yeah)
All these diamonds, bitch I look like a jeweler (21!)
Rollie froze, bitch it came out the cooler
Tech 9, bitch it came with a cooler
I got shooters that'll shoot at your shooter (yeah)
Bitch you broke, you eatin' noodles and oodles (21)
I got a bad bitch, workin' Hooters (21)
Bitch I get the check, and you know I blew it (21) (I get it)
21 gang, chain hangin', blangin' (21)
Jewish lawyers, give a fuck about that rangin' (21)
Seinfeld, niggas frontin' like Kramer
Put you on the news, you wanna be famous (21)
Zoom on six, bitch you know that I claimed it
I jumped out the Porsche and broke my ankle (gang, gang)

[Verse 2]
I'm scrapin' the bud when I cook it up (21)
Your main bitch want me to pick her up (21)
I nut in her face, she gon' lick it up
Your jewelry shinin'? We gon' stick you up (stick ya up)
Like 2Pac, nigga, hit 'em up (hit 'em up)
These niggas tough on the Internet (21)
Gettin' that pussy, I'm killin' that (I'm killin')
I'm not just a rapper, I'm livin' that (I'm livin' that)

[Verse 3]
Shawty said she want that dick, I told that bitch to wait one minute (wait one minute!)
These niggas broke, I heard these niggas shoppin' J.C. Penny (21, 21)
I took that bitch to Ruth Chris, I heard a nigga eats at Wendy's
I'm a real nigga, I can't wear no gold unless they came from the [?]

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