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Forget Me Not

It took one man to set the plan spinnin' into motion
With a way to free everyone in need for all of time
So by the love of His only son we would live forever
And by the hand of grace every sin erased from our lives

Oh, the hope of heaven brings me joy beyond fantastic measure Unspeakable love has got me dancing in my soul to the tune of mercy
Lord You're given me every reason to believe in my heart
That You'll forget me not

It took some time to realize the gift that I'd been given
And I couldn't begin to comprehend how great Your love could be
But I'm blown away, so amazed by the fact You've known me in Your heart forever While at times You may find I forget about You, You will never forget about me

Every little way I have strayed today - oh You know I need You more than ever before I'll never underestimate the power of Your love 'til the end and then when it's all said and done I'll know, deep in my heart, that You'll forget me not

In every corner of my life You are there
Never giving me the chance to forget how much You care

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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