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Free Joe Exotic

Energy made this one

Trapped the whole winterScammed for the summer
Came to America wit` dope in her stomach
Spent $1,100 on these Valentino runners
We just fuckin` for the summer, `fore I hit, I change my number
Pa-Packman on a track? It`s a slapper
I-I-I`ll jump off a bridge `fore I put my dick in plastic
I was so fucked up, that I had to sell plasma
If my bitch say bless you when you sneeze, you can have her
Don`- Don`t blame me if you broke, you just a woulda, coulda, shoulda
Try to rob me, you hear the booka, booka, booka
I don`t like good girls, I like hooker, hooker, hookers
And I don`t sell crack, I`m givin` niggas booger sugar
Call the plug, and he pullin` up on a Kawasaki
Tell my brother if he catch a body, then I`m tellin` mommy
Hallelujah, Jesus Christ, but I`m with a thousand Ockeys
Came up from sellin` pussy, free my nigga Joe Exotic
She said she can feel it in her stomach, stop capping
`Ol lyin` ass bitch, my dick ain`t that big
Cougar bitch, but she look good, Toni Braxton
I-I-I-I got low self-esteem, I was a fat kid
Suck it good, chew it, then swallow, Sour Patch Kid
My bitch `bout to leave me `cause I`m built like Patrick
I nut super quick and I be weighin` down the mattress
On the low, dawg, I`m tired of this fat shit
I-I-I-I-I ain`t signed to nobody, bitch, I work for me
Bitch fucked a opp for revenge, she think she hurtin` me
Caught `em both slippin` at the movies, gave `em First Degree
Rihanna got warts in that case, bitch, Herpe me

I tell a bitch if she ain`t suckin` dick, then leave me be (Ha)
Yeah, I need a freaky hoe to eat the dingaling meat (On God)
And dough head ring up baby mama off of Ching-A-Ling
I think she think me and her got a thing (Naw)
Bitch, naw, you ain`t gettin` a damn thing but my balls (Okay)
Don`t reply to yo` texts, I`m ignorin` yo` calls (Bitch)
Look, gotta hit the trap, I got plays for that raw (I do)
Whole thangs, we got bricks, we got blocks of that dope (We good)
Brea-Break-Break-Break it down,
Watch me boogie on that pussy while I`m smokin` bushie (Ooh)
Huh, baby daddy talkin` tough, I give that boy a noogie (Right)
Still make his baby mama stuff a script up in her tushie (I will)
Used to skip school wit` them sticks, playin` hockey, hood shit (Heel)
Ca-Ca-Ca-Catch a snitch lackin` on his balcony, Tekashi
My Asian nigga keep a hot chop clip, wasabi
Packman got some fat fans in the lobby (He do)
Skuba Steve got some lame niggas tryna clout chase (Hmm, hmm)
Packman ate yo` grandmama wit` the pound cakes (Hmm, hmm)
Skuba Steve movin` that gram down to the shake (Hmm, hmm)
Hmm, fuck a pandemic, Flint water been fucked up (Hmm, hmm)
Huh, ain`t nobody send nobody there to help us (Hmm, hmm)
Huh, bounce back, shake back, picked our self up (Tell `em)
Huh, still trap around this bitch, the Lord blessed us (Tell `em)
Huh, I got balls in the mail when I wake up (Okay)
Huh, I might give that bitch a Perc` if she take one (Nigga, do it)
Huh, you can hit that door wit` no Tool, I `on`t even take one (Do it, do it)
Huh, you ain`t never had no topside? We got A1 (Alright)
Huh, I done ran up a hundred through this quarantine
Huh, ain`t shit boring `bout them bands, give me more of him (Okay)
You`ll never hear no bitch say she bored wit` me (Not ever)
You-You`ll never hear no nigga say he whores me (Not never)
Huh, If the nigga play, then he gon` be a corpse, huh (On God)
Baby Dre got the chop` and a 40

I`m s- I`m super healthy, mixin` syrup with the Jamba Juice
You ever got head from a fiend that was snaggle toothed?
Home Depot, when we slide down, we bring them hammers through
Chop-Chop-Chop-Chopper wit` the knife, it`ll slice a nigga cabbage loose
Before I trick wit` a bitch, I`ll wear a condom
I-I hate to eat fruit, my diet bad, so she hate to swallow
I`m really fucked up, they put gin in my baby bottle
Tell-Tell my brother if he catch another body, I`ma tell my mama
Fire top, locked jaw, had to grab the bed
She like Perc` dick when we fuckin`, lemme grab my meds
Pop-Popped a nigga, but he didn`t die, he went and grabbed the Feds
When I eat yo` pussy from the back, baby, grab my head
Ugh, I`m complacent now
K bullets flyin` through the crib and flipped the place around
Was in a 1 bedroom, was lookin` spacious now
Va-Vacuum seal some rabbit food, voila, I can make a pound
Whip a pint wit` some wood, I`m a lumberjack
Nigga mad his bitch fucked me, didn`t even hump her back
Instead of slidin`, beefin` bout a bitch, you need to dump her ass
This bop stick`ll fuck a pornstar, it got the nuts attached
O-O-Okay, listen, I`m `bout to quit rappin`
I like my bitches dumb and illiterate, `cause they get nasty
Donut eatin` got me diabetes, nigga, fuck salad
My bitch cheatin`, fed her to the animals, Carole Baskin

Whip a four, aye, huh (Mm)
Trap a four piece, huh (Mm)
FN, front seat, where ya hoe be (Mm)
I-I-I-I-I-I put tints on my nephew Huffy bike, keep him lowkey (Bitch)
I ain`t extra, bitch, you special if you ghostin` me (Uh, yeah)
Huh, everybody `round me rich, how it`s `posed to be (Uh, yeah)
Bi-Big booty, butt naked bitch while I roll my weed, lil` thot (Uh, yeah)
I`m a million dollar nigga, hop on yo` knees (Ah, ah, ah)
You ain`t ever seen 40 thousand in all blue cheese
Tell DT put it on the aux, that`s all you need
He gon` big back drop or pop `em and watch all you bleed (He do)
Huh, watch all y`all die (He do)
Huh, watch all you dead (He do)
Huh, bitches get back, gang need all that bread (Yeah)
Huh, got scopes wit` the yhaps, we aimin` at heads (Bang)
Huh, we scrapin` niggas whole blocks, they aimin` at legs (Goofy)
Like, we gotta get equal, you heard what I said (You hear me?)
Huh, like, we gotta get even,
You know how we play it (Do you hear me?)
Like this rifle, illegal, I`m still gon` spray it (On God)
Huh, I might shoot it diagonal and knock off his mans
Huh, me and Stewie high fivin`, we done dropped a nigga
Huh, me and relative got a smile? Know what time it is (Huh)
Huh, meet Taytay on a mile for a pound of mids (Yeah)
Bout-Bout-Bout to jugg a nigga outta town, ain`t stoppin` shit (On God)
Nutboy prolly gave yo` titi a crack rock (For real)
Lil` bro`ll beat yo` ass if you try some shit

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