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Freedom's Waiting

Our fathers which heart in heaven
[Humble words]
We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight the hills, we shall never surrender.
[Trenchant words]
Give me liberty. Give me liberty, or give me death.
[Thundering words]

The strongest word
Persuasive words
The strongest word
Expressive words
The strongest word
Inspirational words

The strongest word still the word 'free'.

Grateful words
Free free free free...
Enlightened words,
Human words.
The word 'free'
The strongest word,
Is still the word 'free'

Men have lived for words
(Holocaust, Hysteria)
Heavy words
Men have died for words
Pointed words
Cities have fallen for words
Freedom's waiting...


The right words
(Iraq, Inflammable)
The right words
(Islam, Insidious)
The right words, said Lenin,
Are worth a hundred ligaments
(Impugn, Infamous, Koran)

??? words.

You can say four blunt words,
And a man will hit you in the face.
Freedom's waiting...
(Israelic??? words)

Sturdy. Implacable. Cram. Sarcastic.
Capable. Irreconcilable.
A little deluge of adjectives.
The strongest word is still the word 'free'.
(Impact, Profitability)
Next to the word 'free', the best word is 'new'.
(Persuasive words)
...the best word is 'new'.

At your seven-eleven,
Freedom's waiting
For you.

Other tasty words are: 'Mistakes', 'Stop',
'At last', and 'Don't'.

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