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Fuck All Y'all

Ain`t nobody, really got my back
Motherfuckers just be hanging around me, because I rap
It ain`t no love involved, no motherfucking love at all
If I had a price on my head, I bet my partnas would give up they dog
Wish my mama was living, cause I`d be giving her my time
Shit, I`d probably never would of started to rhyme
My lifetime it ain`t no sunshine, cause it be raining
I be trying my best to smile, but I can`t cause I be paining
I`m paranoid all day, I keep my steel with me, bitch ass jackers
Try to get me, so now my people be scared to come and chill with me
Fuck y`all, I`m one deep till I D-I-E
Displaying off some boxing game, when H-O-E`s try me
An S.U.C. Guerilla Maab veteran, constantly head busting
Leaving em in need, of an exceteran, I`m going
Do` knocking with a glock, paying a visit to some of my foes and friends
Z-Ro Jones Jr., swelling em up around the nose and chin

[Hook: x2]
Fuck all of y`all, y`all done pissed a nigga off
I`m a touch all of y`all, round each and every corner
Someone follow y`all, they just trying to give you a present
Something holla dog, and that`s for all of y`all

I done made up my mind
I hustle all alone, I`m trying to get a solo shine
Everytime I turn around, someone bringing me down
Got tired of em pulling on me, started slanging them rounds
Now they thinking, I`m a crazy
Scarred and stabbed and shot, I`m still a baby
I want my mama, cause I`m having bad dreams and I die in em all
Got me ain`t friendly when you see me, ain`t no smiling at all
Live the thug life, heartless and hopeless
Laying low ducking the law went North, to Lufkin and Nacogdoches
I`m connected, my best friend use to be I-10
Till my out of town connect, pulled out two techs and took my ends
Got me throwed off in the mind, retaliation`s what I taste
His get blowed off with my nine, incarceration`s what I face
Feel me, I done lost my mind, but I`m not trying to find out where it went to
It might be for the best, cause I`m not trying to remember the shit I been

[Hook x2]

It`s automatic gun fire, till they all expire
Of course they said they loved me, but they all was lies
Told me just give em a deal, now I tote a pill
But when it was forth and ten, only a few was real
Instead of making you an employee, nigga I made you a friend
Now look what you lose, your Q`s and handle fections stealing your ends
I`ve been behind the scenes, but in front of the schemes
Organized the team, for you to realize your dream
That`s how you pay me back, you funny fake fraud and flipper
Over pennies and nickels, they turned sour like milk
It`s no wonder why, so many`ll never see fortune and fame
Fuck what you claim motherfucker, you never endue it no pain
What you bumping for lil daddy, my address the same
Ain`t no pain without no gain, you got the heart to sustain
Now I`m solo for the do`-low, ain`t fucking with you no mo`
For one thing you do, and I`ll have you knocked off for the low-low

[Hook x2]

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