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G Lanes

[Hook: Sadat X]
Roc Marci's my man, we gon collab
GP throw the beat on the grill like a slab
We gon eat
My man P say "give 'em hands and feet"
I think we will
Every shot got to be a kill, no survivors
All of your riders get hit in the brain
Me and Roc Marci, who could fit in this lane?

[Verse 1: Sadat X]
A collab's supposed to be fab
Off the rip, it should grab
Pulsate and nab your ear drums
The song now becomes part of your daily
Rotate in the car, iPod and the crib
Should be food for the ribs
Subject to background check
Respect given only if you stay driven
Show how you living
Your aura
Not some shit you threw in the drawer
And pulled out on a studio date
Done right it could be a classic
Done wrong and its an ordinary song
I can't afford that
The song is a bullet
And if i get pressed i have to pull it
You know it has to be a kill
Bring out captains, lieutenants
Evacuate the tenants
Alert the media
Social networks and the internet jerks
A little controversy, it works
It awakens the masses
Me with my glasses


[Verse 2: Roc Marciano]
Nobody, but me and the god Dadi
Ride the track on the trolley
Flow as a glass at the Sony
The lab is the after party
His the ass or the graphic with the sharpie
Moving with the brothers rocking rugby's
Living up hitting spliffs getting chubby
Sessions with the legends, Porsche 911's
With expression
We used to make the same as James Evans
Throw another Heinekein back
The line's wire tapped
Fire the mac that inspired the rap
The fire caps your dime like a Bermuda fly trap
Light the dime bag
Spit it nice, never rhyme bad
And mix the ice with the Cognac
This is historic, dipped the dicks in Taurus
You fucking with the two top scorers

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