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Gangstaz Pt. II

[Verse 1:]
Back again
We ain't neva left my bank
All my riders this is the time and place
This is it, like a big ole thon thothong
Thunders is cracking it's on yea
These niggas want to see us
We will step up first place nigga , yea
As i ride to success mothafucka

Gangstaz (Ride nigga), gangstaz (I’m a mothafuckin)
Gangstaz (keep pushin homey), gangstaz
Gangstaz (this d mothafuckin)
Gangstaz (keep rollin nigga),gangstaz(this d mothafuckin)
Gangstaz (stay ridin nigga), gangstaz

[Verse 2:]
This is fo’ ma ganagsta gangstaz wit d flag goin left
Ridin no more arrest, nigga empty d clip
(brrapppp) dude is whipped, dip you get one
Now I’m in d land a i cry water to cause a slaughter
You try to stop par catch a slug in yo ass
Who the fuck you think gon’ test me nigga we let it blast
I’m a west coast rider, stompin you out
Because everybody knows nigga we in the hot seat
Yow I’m a dogg pound G sipping on we rich as fuck
Like d chevy 6-4 widout d 4 BM truck
I strut wit d gangsta walk an stuttin d G shit everytime dat I talk
Struck you out wit some crayons you know I steal some shit
So when ya ugly like naypon, handle dis bitch, all night I spray on
Until the rest of mine is taking ma enemies out when i call it
Diligent killing your niggas with just one shot wit a AK nigga that Ain't all that i got
I'll dig yo plot memorialize yo memories
Put bullets in yo chest that’s how you gon’ remember me
Cause that’s a jack move, break bread mothafucka
Ain’t tryna play no games, break bread mothafucka get back now blast up the crowd let em back up
Dealer Ross capping the gas till it till it stack up
Rack up the money because nigga we want it all
Every dime every bit fake, big or small
Mothafucka law we tell the cops to suck our dick
Dillinger and Young Gotti on the gangsta shit
Brink truck, banks and cheque cashin spots
We keep it poppin roun d hood cause d block is hot
We keep it on the low because there is snitches in the hood plus there’s dripping in the hood
Yea dripping like it should

Gangstaz, gangstaz (I’m a mothafuckin) gangstaz, gangstaz
Gangstaz, gangstaz , gangstaz (cause we don’t give a fuck)
Gangstaz, gangstaz

[Verse 2:]
Ya niggas don’t make me, ya niggas can’t break me
Cause ima get it fucked up, however long it takes me
It’s hard to breathe, they done let the toxins in
It’s for the community like Raymond Lee Washington
America considers me a hazard so I’m hazardous
I could rock the entire planet, L.A. to Nazarus
Push, Gotti’s a real, if I’m out to get it everything that is off one single push
Resurrected an push, powerful Gotti bush
Ma whole administration is in control a d purple kush
Poetry word wizzle nigga kill ya fo squilla
Prehistoric like ancient Letti Gotti zilla for rilla
You can control yours, ima control mines
Ima control ma nickel, ima control ma nines
Ima stay in control Im a k in d globe
In d palm a ma hands the world is hard to stay whole
Let me relay d word look nigga this is the message hostages won’t be spared
Take a good first suggestion, considering’s outta d question
Suicide bombin mothafuckaz is not an option, is not a suggestion
That’s d first line a defence, the second an third
Fourth an fifth you won’t be around d herd
You into this, cause if not you can’t leave
We gon’ make sure when you leave you can’t breathe
Stomp through dis mothafucka like a mallet
It’s a crisis installed at hidden cameras
You wanna see dis, nigga cause dis summin to see
Dis is d re in d makin like ‘92 ‘93
Caused by d record cause it relates to all yo encounters
Whether it’s in front a d judge or under the conuter
I’m a mountain, nigga come chip me off
Or shut d fuck up an tell yo bitch to come eat ma balls (fucka)

Gangstaz,(Mothafucka) gangstaz ,gangstaz,(we on the ride) gangstaz
Gangstaz, (and we don’t give a fuck)
Gangstaz ,gangstaz(I’m a mothafuckin), gangstaz

Yea, smash on, yea nigga, this firefly
Bitch niggas get banged on
Yea, Young Gotii
Nedo Park, VD Stallone
Bangin through d streetz, Los Angeles to d beach
Dogg Pound Gangstaz, nigga
What tha fuck, punk!
Daz an Kurupt, punk!
Daz an Kurupt

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